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When we first started Common Weal nearly five years ago we always hoped we would grow to be a highly participative and engaging grassroots movement...

When we first started Common Weal nearly five years ago we always hoped we would grow to be a highly participative and engaging grassroots movement. Hundreds of volunteers have offered their skills and creativity over the years to help us achieve incredible things. We still get requests from many of you who say sitting back and letting things happen is no longer an option.

You want to 'Do Something'.

This section is for you. We are the antithesis of passivity.


Social media advocates

This is for anyone who is creative and effective at social media comms who can help us spread Common Weal ideas, campaigns and events to a wider audience so we can inspire others to believe social change is both essential and possible. We have 30.7K followers on Twitter and 20K on Facebook. Can you help us reach 50K on both?

Event organisers

Since we became lucky enough to move next door to the Kinning Park Complex we are organising a lot more events which is the best way to meet people face to face, discuss, debate and inspire. Are you interested in helping run the most impactful events?

The Common Weal Young Team

Are you under 30 and passionate about shaping your future society into a fairer, more equal place, thriving with opportunity? We are organising a Young Team Common Weal group and we want you to join. We need a wide variety of young voices to strategise how Common Weal can help you shape your future that puts people and planet first.

Common Weal Influencers

Do you read our policy papers? Do you engage with your local councillors, MSPs, MPs? Could you brief them on our ideas if we provide the toolkits and materials to do so? We provide the ideas, but you could be the game changer who actively inspires local authorities to make positive change at government level.

Social Outreach for CommonSpace

We have two full time journalists, an editor and two part time video journalists. We can only report on so many stories. Could you join a network of people across Scotland to keep CommonSpace informed of important stories in your area that either you could write about or provide enough information so we could write about it? We always aim to tell the stories others won’t. Help us tell your stories.

Merchandise/Designers/Online shop

We run a successful online shop selling our books, t-shirts, mugs and so on. It’s a brilliant way to spread ideas and give supporters the opportunity to support the Common Weal ethos All Of Us First. But we could do so much more. Are you interested in helping to run the shop? To engage with designers and create stylish new merchandise? To promote our items in clever ways? Apart from donations, this is our only other steady regular income. It’s essential we do this well if we are to achieve our overall goals.

Promoting Campaigns across Scotland

With our brand new website we now have the ability to use space to promote all of the really important campaigning work across Scotland. We can promote like-minded organisations events, projects, festivals, workshops, or anything else, so all of the most exciting things happening in Scotland can be found in the one place. Do you want to run this site and collaborate with the most inspiring people in Scotland shaping our future?

If you want to join any of the above email, with your name, contact details, what area(s) you are most interested in joining and how much time you are able to dedicate.

We will continue to add working groups but if you have a skill set which does not fit any of the above please do get in touch and let us know. We want you involved.